CNMEC Member Rebate Information

Appliance Rebate Form 2024 (PDF)

Residential LED Rebate Form 2024 (PDF)


Electric Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate 2023 (PDF)


Electric Outdoor Equipment Rebate Form 2024 (PDF)


Evaporative Cooler Rebate Form 2024 (PDF)



Electric Induction Cook Tops & Ranges
Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) and Thermal Slab Units 
Electric Heat Pump – Air Source 
Electric Heat Pump – Ground Source
EV Charging Equipment
Smart Thermostats


Commercial Rebates:

Commercial LED Lighting 

Pole Mounted LED Lighting

Refrigerated/Freezer Case LED Lighting

Irrigation Motors 

Variable Speed Drive Retrofit

For information on these and other rebates offered by CNMEC contact