How to Use Smart Hub!

Take control of your CNMEC electric account with SmartHub mobile and Web apps. With SmartHub, you view your usage data where and when you want to, and you can manage your account right from your computer or mobile device.

SmartHub is fully integrated with CNMEC and delivers account information, mobile payments and more in a safe, secure environment.  Utilizing SmartHub technology, co-op members can now utilize these great benefits:

  • View your electric usage data down to the day
  • Compare usage between months with temperature data
  • Receive bill reminders
  • Report outages


Pay Bill Online with SmartHub -  Use your credit/debit card or your checking account to pay your bill online with SmartHub.  Please have a copy of your most recent electric or internet bill available to make the transaction as smooth as possible. 

Free Mobile Apps

Simply search for "SmartHub" in the Apple App Store® or in Google Play®.  Once the app is open, type in Central New Mexico Electric Coop as the provider.  The login information is the same for both the web and mobile app

SmartHub allows you to sign up for recurring payments — meaning your bill will automatically be paid each month in full without any further action on your part. If you’d like to set up automatic payments from a bank account or card, SmartHub makes it easy to manage them from your computer.

SmartHub payments can be made online through the following ways: 

  • E-Check
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Recurring Bank Draft or Recurring Credit Card


View copies of your current and past bills. Compare your current bills with past bills while adding weather analysis and daily usage comparisons.

  • View auto pay and payment history
  • Download current and past bills

Want a reminder that your bill is due? How about a prompt that your bill is now past due? Interested in knowing if you're home or business is in an outage area?

Notifications in SmartHub can do exactly that — email or text important information about your account. You tell SmartHub when and how to contact you.

To send you a notification, you need to have contact information stored in the system. Be sure you’ve added contacts before setting your notifications. Also make sure to activate each number or email address after adding it in SmartHub

Some common notifications include:

  • Bill Available
  • Payment Due
  • Payment Confirmation
  • Delinquent Notice
  • Credit Card Expiration

Some notifications are also specific to your account type. For example, prepay members might see different options than other customers. 

You can update personal information such as: 

  • Phone numbers
  • Bank Information
  • Billing Addresses

By default, notifications are sent to the email address associated with your account. If you want notifications sent to a different email address or even text to your mobile phone, you can do that too! Once you have set up a contact, you need to change the contact on an active notification on the Manage Notifications screen to use the additional contact.

To download the mobile app:

  1. Download the SmartHub app from the iPhone App Store or the Android Marketplace. (Please note SmartHub is one word.) If duplicate apps appear with the same name, National Information Solutions Cooperative provides the correct app.
  2. Find “Central New Mexic Electric Cooperative” by location or name and confirm.
  3. Enter email and password or select, “New User” if you don't have an online account set up already.

To use the SmartHub web app: 

  1. Go to and fill in your "User Name" & "Password" at the top right of the web page.
  2. Select, “New User” if you don't have an online account set up already.

Yes. All critical information is encrypted in every transaction run and no personal information is stored on your mobile device. Mobile devices do offer you the ability to store your log in information for apps installed on your device. If you choose to store your log in information, any person who has access to your mobile device or tablet can access your account.