Power Out? Let's Get it Back On Quickly!

Important! Stay away from Power Lines on the Ground - Do not attempt to remove trees, limbs or other objects from power lines. Call us immediately!

Make Sure Your Home System is Working

  • If your electricity should go off, check your main electrical panel to see if a fuse has blown or a breaker has tripped. Fuses must be replaced while breakers need only be reset.
  • If the problem is not in your main panel, check with a neighbor to see if other homes in the area have power.
  • If the problem is not in your home's wiring or if several homes are involved, call us at 505-832-4483 | 1-800-339-2521

Food Safety Information during an Outage - Click Here

Food Safety Tips - Click Here

When You Report an Outage

To expedite your call, please give the following information:

  • Name and address as listed on your bill
  • Service Location Number as listed on your bill
  • Telephone Number (so we can call you if we need more information)
  • How long your power has been off
  • If you know the cause of the outage, please describe it (Example: a tree limb fell on the line, a pole has been hit by a car, etc.). This will save time for the crew

What to do if you depend on medical equipment

  • If someone in your home depends on medical support equipment contact CNMEC and report your requirements.
  • Outages can happen unexpectedly so we urge you to have backup power available and to test the equipment regularly. CNMEC cannot guarantee against extended outages.

Outage Reporting Phone Numbers:

Central New Mexico Electric Cooperative Outage Number: 505-832-4483 | 1-800-339-2521

If your call is not answered immediately, it may mean others are out of power and CNMEC's dispatch operators are working as fast as possible to answer telephones and dispatch crews to get service back on.